Scrypta Electio

Voting over blockchain

Electio is a platform created for e-voting, even remotely. Decentralized and permissionless Scrypta Blockchain guarantees a high level of transparency, security and reliability in all stages of the vote.

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Safe procedure thanks to the blockchain

the combination of two cryptographic algorithms makes voting through electio extremely safe and reliable.

Anti handling mechanism

Only the last vote of the voter is valid and counted.

Immediate voting results

The distributed ledger allows an immediate counting of the votes, without waiting times.

Verification of the vote

Each voter will be able to verify the correct acquisition of their vote.

Scrypta Electio
  • Public Poll and Vote with authorization

For public bodies

Electio uses a digital identity system suitable for bidding votes in which only authorized persons can participate. It also offers the possibility of public polls creation in which the vote can be both secret or transparent.

Scrypta Electio
  • Secret Poll

For companies and

Through the cryptographic elements provided by Electio it's possible to create polls in which the question can only be reached by authorized voters. Electio is therefore suitable for internal use on the governance for boards of directors, companies and organizzations.

Scrypta Electio
  • Poll for statistical purposes


With Electio it's possible to create voting systems for statistical and survey purposes. In this case the vote can be transparent and voters can participate without authorization from the survey owner.